Thailand enjoys export growth for three consecutive months


Thailand’s exports continued to increase for three consecutive months with over 8% growth in January.

Thailand News - 01-03-17 6 PBS Thailand enjoys export growth for three consecutive months 1

Office of the Trade Policy and Strategy director Phimchanok Wornkhorporn said January exports this year amounted to US$17.099 billion, representing an 8.8% increase over statistics for the same period last year.

This was the third consecutive month that the country’s exports have enjoyed positive growth, she said.

With this satisfactory growth, she said she confidently predicted that this year’s exports could grow by no less than 3.5%.

The main products contributing to the rise are rubber which increased by 28%, computers increasing by 30% and gold exports which rose by 157.6%.

She also estimated that if export figures for this year averages out to US$18.841 billion per month, then the government’s export target growth of 5% can be achieved.

She added that the January growth in exports was for all of the country’s major markets, comprising 9.5% increase in exports to the US, 6.4% increase to the Japanese market and 10.4% increase to the European market.