Thai people’s ‘long march’ revolt kicks off today at 9.39am


BANGKOK, Dec 9 – Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has asserted that today is the day for the Thai people’s victory, the crucial day of anti-government march and has reassured the protesters that they will not return home empty-handed.

Mr Suthep said in his speech at the Government Complex last night that Thai people will, starting today at 9.39am, pour onto all streets in Bangkok, heading for Government House to demand a return of “our sovereignty in our capacity as owners of the nation.

Those under the Thaksin regime will, instead, return home empty-handed as they will have to let go of the people’s power, he said.

He said it is time to return justice to Thai people who have been abused by ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, including people on drug charges without trial, southern people who were massacred during the Thaksin government, and innocent people who were abducted and missing.

Corruption and populism are destroying the country but Thaksin’s accomplices and followers are getting richer and richer, he said, calling on Thai people to eliminate the most corrupt regime in the Thai history.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra had never been sincere when she said she was willing to resign and dissolve the House of Representatives, and she has been manipulated by her elder brother (Thaksin) all along, said the former Democrat MP.

Mr Suthep said the month-long protest was not for himself or his political party but for Thailand and the Thai people including Red Shirt followers.

“We will fight with our bare hands. We will simply sit down and raise our hands if police treat us violently. Please look after each other and be on alert for a third hand which may create unrest and put the blame on us,” he said.

He warned that members of the Thaksin regime have hired Cambodian people to mingle with the crowd and that they may assault demonstrators.

“We will not return home Monday if the movement is not finalised. If any of us is attacked, we will take action against the prime minister and every Cabinet member on charges of murder,” he said.

He asked all television stations to fairly report Monday’s massive protests to avoid possible conflicts in the future.