Thai cake makers win gold awards at UK Cake International 2019 contest

The Thai award winning cake makers team.
The Thai award winning cake makers team.

ENGLAND – Cake designers from Thailand have showcased the extravagant works that helped them win gold awards in the Cake International 2019 competition held in Birmingham, England, which is Europe’s largest cake contest with thousands of competitors from around the world.

The Thai contestants this year were supported by Thai Roong Ruang Group, the manufacturer of Lin sugar for cake decoration. The work by the renowned cake designer and sugar crafter Lippakorn Preeyapabulakit named the Queens, tells the story of the British monarch, and won the gold award at 3rd place in Class H: Decorative Exhibit, at the Cake International 2019 contest in Birmingham, UK.

The cake caught the attention of observers, contestants, and the media, all of whom praised the extravagant details of the cake, which made headlines in UK media. A queue soon formed among people keen to take photos of the award winning cake.

Two other cake designers in Thailand also won gold awards in this competition, namely the Hades World cake by Deshokun Sing-amphai in Class I: Small Decorative Exhibit, which conveys a story of Greek mythology; and the Plubpla Thewalai cake from Varit Chantawichanuwong in Class H: Decorative Exhibit, reflecting Buddhist morality through the art of Thai sculptures.