Temperatures to drop and scattered thunderstorms expected in Thailand


BANGKOK, 31 October 2014 – The Meteorological Department revealed that Thailand’s northern region would face cooler temperatures, whereas the eastern, central, and southern regions would be hit by scattered rains.

According to the department, a high-pressure cell currently covering northern and northeastern Thailand is starting to weaken. As a result, the temperatures in these regions will likely drop and foggy conditions are expected in the morning.

Meanwhile, an eastern trough covering the eastern, central, and southern regions will bring scattered thunderstorms to these areas from November 1-4.

In addition, another strong intensity high-pressure cell will be coming in from China and cause the country’s northern region to face another round of thunderstorms. Temperatures are also expected to drop by 3-5 degrees Celsius. Bangkok and its vicinity on the other hand, will face cloudy skies and rains up to 40 percent throughout the country.

Temperatures are expected to hover between 25-26 degrees Celsius at minimum and 32-34 degrees at maximum. Wind speeds are expected to reach 15-30 kmph.