Talks for Urupong protesters to relocate end in deadlock


BANGKOK, Oct 17 – Negotiations for anti-government protesters to relocate from Urupong intersection on Rama VI Road failed yesterday as demonstrators stood firm they would move out only if police allow them to rally at Government House.

Deputy Metropolitan Police commander Adul Narongsak held talks with leaders of the Network of Students and People for Thailand Reform, the major force in the protest, asking them to move to either Lumpini Park or the National Stadium.

He said police have received complaints from Urupong residents and motorists about inconveniences, foul smell, loud noise and traffic congestion caused by the week-long demonstration.

He said the protesters were violating the Traffic Act and Cleanliness Act.

The 30-minute talks ended with deadlock as demonstrators insisted that they would continue to rally on behalf of people who have been suffering from the government’s policy.

They claimed that they have been gathering peacefully without using any weapons, and people were willing to listen to them so as to be informed on the people’s grievances.

A group of protesters marched to the offices of the Attorney General and the National Anti-Corruption Commission during the day to inquire about the public prosecutor’s decision not to file charges against ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra for instigating the 2010 political upheaval in Bangkok.

The demonstration continued at Urupong intersection yesterday despite heavy rain.