Suvarnabhumi revamps control to handle growing number of flights


BANGKOK – Suvarnabhumi International Airport has prepared to accommodate an expected throng of travelers during this Songkran holiday. 

Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. has indicated that a total 23,924 flights will take place between this 8-18 April, up 10 percent from last year. Suvarnabhumi Airport has had to add up to 50 flights, bringing its daily total to 940 flights, to keep up with demand. Over 100 chartered flights have been booked for the Songkran holiday.

The added flights have had to be met with changes to air traffic control standards with a focus on reducing delays. More airport staff have been added and communications have been upgraded.

Thailand is set to see 1 million flights for the first time this year after recording 800,000 flights last year. New regulations are expected to allow the handling of 1.5 million flights a year.