Suggestions on child and youth development to be proposed to Govt


BANGKOK, 18 November 2013 The Children and Youth Council of Thailand has organized a seminar to collect ideas and suggestions on child and youth development. The results of the seminar will be presented to PM Yingluck Shinawatra in order for the government to draw up policies according to the suggestions. 

Social Development and Human Security Minister Paveena Hongsakul presided over the opening ceremony of the seminar aimed at collecting opinions and ideas on how the government could help support child and youth development. The seminar was attended by representatives of 77 provinces across Thailand and 38 student networks, who brainstormed how everyone could take part in the development of Thai children, and how the country’s policy could help facilitate the move.

The ideas gathered at the seminar will be presented to the Premier. Apart from child and youth development, many other topics were discussed, which included domestic violence, ethics and morality among children, anti-corruption, environmental preservation, and educational development.

Minister Paveena on this occasion presented certificates and pins to members of the Children and Youth Council who have put in their efforts to make Thailand a better place to live in, particularly for children.