Strict Control Ordered on Crocodile Farms to Stop Escape


BANGKOK, Nov 19  – The director-general of the Department of Fisheries ordered his subordinates to strictly check crocodile farms nationwide to prevent the animals from escaping into public waterways.

Meesak Pakdeekong, the director-general, said he made the order after people saw crocodiles in public waterways in Kamphaengsaen district of Nakhon Pathom province on Oct 30.

The crocodiles were from Siamese Farm Co. Staff of the company caught five crocodiles, local residents captured three mores and one crocodile was killed, he said.

“The incident caused panic among villagers living near crocodile farms. To ensure safety, provincial fisheries officials will check the standards of the farms.

“If they find any risks, they will issue warnings and urge for improvement. Pond gates will be reinforced, additional barriers must be placed and surveillance cameras be installed to monitor the movements of crocodiles. Grills will cover sewers to keep small crocodiles and they will be counted regularly,” Mr Meesak said.

He also said that his department would review a policy to implant microchips in crocodiles so that their owners could be held responsible for any loose animals. (TNA)