State worker unions’ members urged to strike from May 22


BANGKOK, May 18— The State Enterprises Workers’ Relations Confederation (SERC) has encouraged all of its members to stage a strike from Thursday (May 22) onwards in order to reclaim the people’s sovereign power.

The work stoppage is one of the five demands reached at the meeting between SERC representatives and People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leader Suthep Thaugsuban on an anti-government operational plan at Government House late Sunday morning.

At a press briefing, SERC secretary general Komsan Thongsiri announced the five demands, asking members of all state enterprise labour unions to follow their lead.

The confederation has asked all state enterprise labour unions to issue statements expressing disapproval of the so-called ‘Thaksin regime’ and government officials serving the regime; to post banners or boards bearing messages which show disapproval of the current caretaker government and call for the new government from the people’s sovereign power; and to stage a civil disobedience campaign by attaching the national flag or other anti-Thaksin regime symbols on their vehicles.

Mr Komsan also called for the state enterprise labour unions to follow each of the 25 remaining caretaker ministers to ask them to resign from their post as well as urged all of its members to stop working from May 22 onwards.

If the government does not return power to the people, the confederation vowed to heighten the protest as much as possible until achieving the victory.

However, the SERC secretary general affirmed that electricity and water would not be cut off.