Staff and owner of kingergarten apologize to mother of 3-year-old in coma


SAMUT PRAKAN, 8 April 2013 The owner and a staff of the Samutprakan kindergarten where a 3-year-old girl has been hospitalized after being left unattended inside a van for 7 hours met with investigators at Bang Pu police station, Samutprakan province, to give their accounts of the incident. After their meeting with investigators, Daorong Sisamung, the staff who forgot the girl inside the van, and Santiphap Wanchai, the driver of the school van, apologized to the girl’s mother. The kindergarten owner and director, Yuwaret Khiriwong, has asserted the kindergarten will handle all expenses incurred from the hospitalization of the girl. The girl’s mother said she appreciated the public apologies made by the kindergarten staff. The 3-year-old remains in a coma at hospital, after the lack of oxygen while inside the van caused her brain to swell, which in turn pressed on the cerebral nerves.