Special Report: Condom Controversy Part 2


A mother of a famous 15-year-old star recently was reported to suggest her actor son to always carry condoms in case of emergency. In the previous part of this special report, a notable woman academic criticised the idea strongly. On the other hand, this second part will present another opinion supporting the actor’s mother.

Asked if teenagers should carry condoms, Mr Mechai Viravaidya, a famous activist encouraging people to carry and use condoms, asked the public which option will be safer: having sex with or without using condoms. He said failure to carry and use condoms might lead to infections of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Mr Mechai, also founder and chairperson of a foundation in his own name, shot another rhetorical question if teenagers will be more interested to have sexual intercourses when they carry condoms. He explained that teenagers are in the age of discovery as they want to try new things but he uttered that it does not mean that they will have immediate sexual urges when they walk pass convenience stores where condoms are sold.

The condom campaigner expressed his opinion that the importance of this issue is not with the mother of the young idol suggesting her son to carry condoms. He pointed out that he is a human being and all human beings are created to have sexual interest by nature; therefore, he said a more crucial point of discussion here should be how to have sex safely.

As for the mother of the young actor, Mr Mechai said he wants to compliment her to be such a smart mother and she should be nominated the best modern mother on the National Mother’s Day. He explained that teenagers in average have their first sexual experience when they are about 15-16 years old; thereby, parents should teach their children well.

Following this news, the Ministries of Public Health and Education as well as related sectors should use this little phenomenon as their opportunity to call for social recognition on the use of condom at early age. Cultural values should be adapted to the modern world, and the related ministries should join hands in making sure that sex is no longer a taboo but is taught in classrooms properly.