Songkran festive activities are not banned


BANGKOK, – Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) explained that festive activities during the Songkran holiday have not been banned, but the public should be mindful of politeness and appropriateness.

BMA Spokesperson Tridao Aphaiwong disclosed that the MBA has determined safety measures during the alcohol-free Songkran festival and asked the public to refrain from festive activities in some manners such as turning on loud music, dancing on the pickup trays, impolite attire and inappropriate dancing, because the nation is still mourning the passing of His late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

She reiterated that the BMA does not prohibit the public from celebrating the Songkran festival in any way, but it is inviting fellow citizens to enjoy the Songkran Festival in a traditional fashion with an emphasis on courtesy, to preserve the country’s beautiful culture.

The BMA has also asked the public to play with water without large water guns, alcohol, impolite costumes or powder. The public should use water sparingly and should not use the Songkran festival as an excuse to sexually harass others.