Soi Dog Foundation official statement on COVID-19, risk to animal health in Thailand


4th March, 2020 – There have not been any cases of suspect COVID-19 infection in dogs or cats in Thailand. At present, there is no evidence to show that companion animals such as dogs and cats can be infected with COVID-19. Additionally, there is currently no evidence that companion animals could be a source of infection to people.

The isolated case of a healthy pet dog in Hong Kong testing “weak positive” has not been confirmed and likely due to environmental contamination.

Note that the canine coronavirus (which can cause mild diarrhea) and the feline coronavirus (which can cause feline infectious peritonitis) are widespread in shelter environments around the world, though are NOT associated with the current coronavirus outbreak. All dogs at Soi Dog Foundation are vaccinated against canine coronavirus.

With regard to the precautions taken against the spread of the virus among humans, Soi Dog Foundation is closely following the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Author: Dr.Alicja Izydorczyk MRCVS

International Director of Animal Welfare                                                                                                                    Soi Dog Foundation