Situation in haze-stricken Yala improves


YALA, 23 July 2014 -The situation in haze-stricken areas continues to improve with no areas registering an unhealthy Air Pollutant Index.

Haze from forest fires on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island has moved over Thailand’s lower Southern Region.The haze has drifted over Yala from its origins in Sumatra in Indonesia.Wildfires are a frequent occurrence in Indonesia, and the lower portion of Thailand’s southern region is frequently affected by the Indonesian haze, mostly in June to August every year.

The haze has caused reduced visibility and a large amount of dust. The predicted rains and a change of climatic conditions will help sweep away the haze. It is not yet affecting the public’s health.

The director of the Yala Office of Natural Resources and the Environment, Mr. Saman Satae said that the authorities had been keeping a watchful eye on the situation to maintain the safety of air quality. According to the Office of Natural Resources and the Environment, the area recorded a moderate particulate matter measurement. The measurement reading is categorized as only moderate, PM-10 which maintains the health-based national air quality standard.

However, villagers who are sensitive to the haze and those with allergies will likely suffer from physical irritations. Health masks should be used to cover the nose when out in the open. All health offices are encouraging people to put on damp masks in the more heavily dusty areas.