Sirikit Dam lower amount of water released by 10 million cubic meters


UTTARADIT, 20 October 2011 -The Public Department in Uttaradit province has been informed that the water being released from the Sirikit dam has been lowered to reduce the impact of floods in Thailand’s central region.

According to the report, there is currently 9.45 million cubic meters of water in the dam which accounts for 99.46% of its capacity. The decision to lower the level of the release is not only to help contain the flooding crisis in the central provinces, but also due to the fact that the amount of water going into the dam is now less than before; at 30 million cubic meter per day.

It is the 4th time the Department of Royal Irrigation has been requested by the Sirikit dam to reduce the water level, down to ten million cubic meters from twenty cubic meters, the amount the Department previously planned to release each day until October 21. The amount of water released will be readjusted in line with the inflow into the Sirikit dam. For more information please contact 055-441840.


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