Sensitive groups in Chiang Mai issued with air pollution health warning


Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai province has warned the elderly, small children, pregnant women, and patients with respiratory diseases to protect themselves from possible health complication caused by air pollution.

Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Physician, Dr. Phuriwat Chokkerd, revealed that the current PM2.5 airborne dust level in northern Thailand has reached an unhealthy level, which may cause health complications among the sensitive groups.

He said people should adopt extra care measures to protect themselves by avoiding exposure to smog, securely shutting windows and doors of their houses and clean up daily to prevent dust accumulation, wear protective masks, avoid exercising or working outdoors for a prolonged periods of time, refrain from burning any items, and avoid vehicles emitting black smoke.

The public health physician said the general public can still continue their daily lives. However, those working outdoors should wear a suitable protective mask, while persons requiring regular medicine intake to control their symptoms should ensure they have sufficient supply of necessary medicine, and refrain from staying in highly polluted areas.

The general public are also encouraged to constantly check for air quality via Air4Thai ( or AirVisual mobile applications. Persons in sensitive groups exhibiting symptoms such as coughing, unusual sneezing, runny nose, and difficulty breathing should seek immediate medical attention.

Any health inquiries related to air pollution can be made by contacting any local public health facilities, or Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office’s health and environment division at 0-5321-1048, extension124.