Senate says ICC jurisdiction will harm Thailand


BANGKOK, Nov 29 – The Senate’s committee on foreign affairs has strongly opposed a move by the Thai Foreign Ministry to endorse the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) over legal disputes in Thailand. 

The Foreign Ministry is scheduled to bring up the issue for discussion today.

Committee chairman Pikulkaew Krairiksh, a senator from Phitsanulok, said the ICC jurisdiction will subject Thailand to ICC intervention on legal cases.

Prior to an endorsement, related Thai laws must be amended and approved by the government as stipulated in Section 190 of the constitution, she said, adding that Thailand will be bound by the jurisdiction even though the endorsement is unilaterally done by the Foreign Ministry.

All quarters in Thailand including the head of state will have to bow to the ICC jurisdiction and verdict if the Foreign Ministry decides to endorse it, she explained.

She added that the Senate’s committee on foreign affairs was concerned that the move, if approved, will jeopardise the country’s security and judicial system, and may contribute to conflicts in the country.

Senator Somchai Sawangkarn said he will seek the Constitution Court’s verdict on the controversy if the government fails to submit it to Parliament for deliberations as required by Section 190 of the constitution.