Senate issues 3-point demand statement, to seek new PM under Constitution


BANGKOK, May 17 – The Senate on Friday issued a statement after an informal session to seek ways out of political crisis failed to yield details on how to find a new Prime Minister, saying only that the new premier would be sought in accordance with Constitution.

Deputy Senate Speaker Surachai Liengboonlertchai told a press conference after the Senate session on Friday, which was attended by around 80 Senators, that the Senate has agreed efforts must be made to complete national reforms to restore peace to the country. 

In the three-point demand, Senate speaker-elect Surachai said that a Prime Minister and cabinet ministers with full authority must be installed to carry out and achieve national reform as quickly as possible to restore peace and unity to the country.

He said that the Senate also wants the caretaker government and all political parties to cooperate with the Senate in this effort to find a way out for the country, with the participation of the general public, to solve  problems and ease conditions that could lead to violence.

Mr Surachai said that the Senate would work to its full capacity and may convene a special meeting, as is allowed by its regulations, to seek a prime minister in accordance with the existing laws, political customs and the Constitution.

However, the senators failed to meet the demands made by the anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) for the appointment of a neutral unelected prime minister.

PDRC leader Suthep Thaugsuban expressed disappointment with the results of the Senate meeting.

He left Parliament and returned to the PDRC rally site and said he would hold no more talks with the Senate.

Mr Suthep told his supporters that the PDRC would try to find its own way to set up an interim government and would not wait for the Senate to take action.

Mr Suthep has also asked the PDRC’s provincial branches nationwide, government officials and other organisations which agreed with the PDRC movements, to send their representatives to a meeting today set for 2 pm at the Government House to discuss plans regarding the so-called “seizing control of sovereign power.”