Second batch of workers from Libya arrives in Thailand


BANGKOK, 6 August 2014  – Another 23 workers have returned to Thailand safely after being evacuated from Libya while a larger group is scheduled to follow on August 8.

Following the arrival of the first group of evacuees from Libya on Tuesday, 23 more Thai workers landed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport today. Upon arrival, authorities from the Department of Employment and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security were on hand to assist them in various procedures, particularly the registration for the compensation money of 15,000 baht per person.

On August 8, another group of 81 workers is expected to travel back to the Kingdom on Emirates Airline flight EK 384 or Thai Airways International flight TG 4502, arriving at 12.25 pm.

In the latest update from the center for the assistance of Thais from Libya, 45 Thai workers and 3 students successfully escaped to nearby Tunisia today while 69 others were following closely behind. At the same time, 114 workers also relocated from Libya to Algeria safely.


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