Scores of dog skulls dumped in Ayutthaya feared to involve meatball factory


AYUTTHAYA, 31 May 2013 Thousands of dog heads have been found dumped in the woods in Wang Noi district of Ayutthaya province, raising concern among locals who worried that the carcasses may have something to do with a nearby meatball factory. 

Firefighters discovered the dog skulls when they were putting out a blaze at the site. According to the locals, the plot on which the discovery has been put up for sale by its owner, and that unidentified trucks have been coming to the plot to dump off garbage without the owner’s knowledge. The locals were unaware that dog skulls were among the items discarded.

Phayom sub-district municipality mayor Ruechai Saeng-ngen-on said locals told him trucks have been sneaking in and dumping garbage at the site for many months. The plot is far enough from the closest community that nobody has smelled the carcasses.

Mr. Ruechai said locals are worried dog meat may have been used to make meatballs at a local meatball factory. However, he said an inspection has to be conducted because the skulls may have come from somewhere else, and the fire may have been set to destroy the carcasses