Scorching heat causing slight damages to ancient ruins in Surin Province


SURIN, 20 May 2012  – The scorching heat across Thailand has caused damages to the ancient ruins in northeastern Surin Province. 

As temperature in Thailand shows no sign of dropping anytime soon, the relentless heat has started to cause physical damages to a number of ancient structures.

In Surin Province, Prasat Sikharaphum or the Sikharaphum Temple, an ancient religious complex which consists of 4 main brick structures have suffered more cracks and tears despite recent restoration.

The 17th-century, Khmer architectural-style complex earlier went through a face-lift, which utilized new bricks due to the impact of continued hot weather.

However, experts commented that the modern-era bricks may not be strong as much as ancient bricks, to withstand severe hot and humid conditions, especially when rain has occurred from time to time.

The Fine Arts Department has dispatched a team of officials to check on the damages before another round of restoration will be accordingly launched.