SBPAC grants 7.5 million baht to victims of southern unrest


YALA, 21 Sepetmber 2012 – The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre today grants an additional compensation payout of over 7 million baht to relatives of the southern unrest victims. 

SBPAC Director Police Colonel Thawee Sodsong met with 395 family members of those slain during the 2004 Tak Bai incident and Sabayoi killings in Yala province to present 7.5 million baht of compensation. The move is seen integral to the reconciliation process in the strife-torn southern provinces.

The two tragedies are viewed as catalysts for an upsurge in the Deep South unrest, which has since left over 5,000 dead.

Police Colonel Thawee elaborated that the SBPAC had earlier given southern violence victims the first batch of compensation payout worth 3.5 million baht.