Sa Kaeo’s BAAC is satisfied with its 2015 performance so far


SA KAEO, 8 July 2015, Sa Kaeo Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) has said in its mid-year financial report that its performance during the first half of the year is satisfactory, with many governmental schemes fulfilled and farmers reportedly living in a better condition.

According to the bank, it has focused on 6 policies, which include low income earners’ informal debt management, the development of community financial institutes, and the development of new business operators. The Bank also highlights its capital strengthening project, the scheme to increase the bank’s income through transaction and service charges, and its program to promote good governance in the organization.

The bank has granted 10.074 billion baht worth of loan, adding that its net deposit amounted to 7.3 billion baht. It has handed out 10.26 million baht to 842 para rubber growers, as part of the government’s compensation scheme to help growers who were affected by plunging rubber prices at the beginning of 2015.