Russian hotel thieves arrested


Pattaya police called a press conference whereby they presented two Russian nationals. 31 year old Mr. Denis Skvortsov and 23 year old miss Antonian Pavlova, both of whom had been robbing guests at various high-end hotels in Pattaya for many months.

Pol. Lt. Col. Prapansak Prasansuk stated that the Chonburi Immigration Department had received requests from 30 local hotels all of whom were aware that a Russian couple were using various methods to steal from their guests, ultimately damaging the image of the hotels and tourism in general.

The couple would prey on financially well off guests, sometimes the woman would offer herself sexually to the guests, and steal a copy of his room key or simply steal from him whilst he slept.

On other occasions they would re-enter the room whilst the guest was out then they would dress as if they were just out of the shower and call the housemaid, to open the room safe.

Their luck ran out when they were identified robbing a hotel, so the Pattaya courthouse issued an arrest warrant and the couple were  eventually arrested in Pong Namron district in Chantaburi as they were trying to flee the kingdom.

Their apartment in soi lengkee was then searched and over 400 items consisting of cash, cameras, passports keys to various hotel rooms, a computer, laptops and credit cards belonging to their unfortunate victims were all gathered as evidence.