Royal Thai Police put bounties on 4 insurgent suspects in Deep South


BANGKOK, 2 February 2015 – The Royal Thai Police Office has put bounties worth millions of baht on 4 suspects believed to have triggered violence in the Deep South.

According to the Thai police, the 4 bounties are worth more than 13 million baht altogether, with the highest one being 10 million baht. The others are 2 million, 1 million and 500,000 baht, respectively.

Mr. Sapa-ing Bazor and Mr. Mazae Useng are the most wanted on the list for their roles as leaders of the insurgent groups.

Two other key suspects wanted by the police are Mr. Adul Munee and Mr. Kareema Yalapae. All the four men have been charged with terrorism and treason.

People who are aware of their whereabouts are encouraged to report to the police at 1340, 073-340447 and 191. They can also contact the military unit near their homes.

The caller’s identity and personal details will be withheld, said the police.