Royal Thai Police investigating if a third party is trying to stop legal fishing boats from fishing


BANGKOK, 9 July 2015 – The Royal Thai Police Chief has launched an investigation into claims that an unnamed group is trying to prevent legal fishing boats from doing their job.

Royal Thai Police Chief Police General Somyos Poompanmuang said legal action would be taken if anyone was found to have cooked up a plan to interrupt commercial fishing as it would have a significant impact on the seafood industry.

In Chantaburi, fishermen are now able to return to the sea after remaining ashore for many days due to the monsoon. They said there will be more fish and crustaceans to catch at sea as there are currently fewer fishing boats out there.

They believe that the government’s efforts in promoting legal fishing will prevent unregistered fishing boats from intruding into others’ fishing territory.

In Chonburi, local fishermen have been made aware of the need to have their boats registered as part of the government’s campaign to crack down on illegal unreported and unregulated fishing. They are urged to visit Chonburi Provincial Fisheries Office for more information.