Rangsit Uni scraps entrance exam of medical students after cheats were detected


Rangsit University has cancelled the entrance examination of medical students after five applicants were caught cheating.

The university rector Dr Arthit Urairat said Monday that the university would take both criminal and civil actions against the five alleged cheaters and a tutorial institute which hired one of them to sit for the test.

He disclosed that the cheat would involve one person who was given a glasses equipped with a miniature camera which was used to take images of exam papers and then transmitted the data to a command centre outside the examination venue. Then the command centre would transit the answers to the other cheaters who were equipped with special wristwatches.

Dr Arthit said that officials were aware in advance of possible cheats in the entrance exam and were alerted to look out for suspicious items or activities. The officials found one applicant wearing a thick black glasses and asked for a close examination and a miniature camera was found.

Of the five alleged cheaters caught, three wore special wristwatches who are actually receivers and one wore spectacles. The fifth one was outside the exam room.

Dr Arthit said that the cheats had ruined the reputation of the university and he decided to scrap the entrance examination in order to be fair to all the applicants.

He assured that none of the university staff were involved in the cheating.