Radiation levels detected in water in Japan are safe for drinking


BANGKOK, 21 March 2011 (NNT)-Thai Ambassador to Tokyo His Excellency Veerasak Futrakul has confirmed that radiation traces detected in tap water in Japan are in small amounts and are within acceptable levels. Meanwhile, the Japanese government continues to measure radiation on a daily basis. 

According to H.E Veerasak, the radiation levels found in the water are not a risk to human health. However, traces in milk and spinach are said to be higher than the normal level. If consumed continuously for 1 year, it can lead to cancer.

The Japanese government has taken a further step and instructed related agencies in every province to report an update on the radiation levels every day.

Meanwhile, relatives of Thais living in Japan have asked the Thai Rmbassy to locate their family members and love ones, approximately 1,600 people in number.

So far over 800 Thai nationals have been located meanwhile the other 749 Thais still remain unaccounted for. H.E Veerasak, said the search for the remaining Thais has been difficult due to the lack of electricity in Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures.

The Thai Embassy has also coordinated with Japan’s Immigration officials in obtaining address details of the Thai citizens as another alternative to find them