Public warned of firecracker accidents during Chinese New Year


BANGKOK, 24 January 2014 ( The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department (DPMD) has warned the public of accidents that may occur from firecrackers during the Chinese New Year festival. 

DPMD Director General Chatchai Promlert has warned of fire hazards resulting from firecrackers and urged the public not to set off any firework or firecrackers indoors, near flammable objects, or near electric cables.

He further added that one should keep a 10 meter distance from the lit firecrackers to avoid accidental injuries. If there happened to be dud firecrackers, Mr. Chatchai advised to leave them for at least 15 minutes and not to immediately relight the products.

Lastly, Mr. Chatchai urged people to take special care of young children and not to allow them to play with the firecrackers as it may result in fatal injuries.