Public Health: Rising medical charges to pose no effect on most Thais


BANGKOK, 30 January 2013  The Public Health Ministry has come out to assure that the recent raise in medical charges at all state hospitals and healthcare centers will not impact most Thais. 

Public Health Minister Pradit Sintavanarong said on Tuesday that the Ministry has decided to approve the increase in medical charges at all state healthcare facilities because there has not been any fee adjustment for a long time.

Mr. Pradit affirmed that the increase has been well thought out and never been intended to make the public carry more financial burden.

He stated that those, who will have to dig deeper into their pockets, are foreigners and locals whose names are not listed in the state-sponsored health insurance program.

The Public Health Minister said that more will have to be done about the charges to be collected from foreign patients, the issue that may also be raised for discussion with other ASEAN nations, whose residents may need medical treatment in Thailand.

He went on to say that all private hospitals and clinics will have no legitimate reason to increase their charges at the moment, after constant upward adjustment has regularly been made.

Mr. Pradit also stated that the Public Health Ministry has set up a new committee to watch over the issue of medical treatment charges and to launch an inspection, if needed.