Prime Minister’s Office follows up on forest fire prevention tactics


Minister ML Panadda Diskul checks on smog situation

Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office ML Panadda Diskul visited the Chiang Mai area on March 5, 2016 to check up on smog situation and to survey the extent of forest burning. He also checked on water levels in Mae Ngat and Mae Kuang Dams.

Minister ML Panadda was given a brief report on the weather conditions and how it affects the Royal Rainmaking Project at Wing 41. He then flew in a helicopter to survey forest areas and the two major dams in Chiang Mai to check on water levels.

Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office ML Panadda Diskul meets with reporters and official to discuss the smog situation in Chiang Mai.

Minister ML Panadda Diskul then visited Tha Pae Gate where he was given a demonstration of the high pressure fire engines used to bring down dust and smoke in the city center.

The Minister, who was Governor of Chiang Mai for two years, said that the water situation was quite low and expressed hope that Roya Rainmaking would increase water supplies but urged the public to save water in case the drought period remains for an extended time.

Minister ML Panadda Diskul reports on the smog and water situation while fire engines demonstrate spraying water into the air to bring down smoke and dust at Tha Pae Gate.

He had great concern for the smog situation in Mae Chaem as it was stronger there than in other districts. However, he said so far the pollution levels are less this year than the same time last year. He added the government will be implementing projects to offer alternatives to burning for preparation to plant corn as regional and local organizations must provide education to farmers on how to farm without burning. He concluded that many people were already cooperating on saving water and that the anti-smog campaign must be widespread and rigorous.