Prime Minister spurns Democrat party’s standpoint on draft charter


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha brushed aside the Democrat party’s political standpoint to reject the draft constitution, saying that it is the party’s own decision.

When asked by a reporter whether the decision will affect the party’s political supporting base, he told the media to ask the party.


But the prime minister pleaded for sympathy for the drafters of the charter whom, he said, had been ridiculed and discredited all along despite the fact that they had good intention for the country and tried to work out how the country’s pressing problems could be resolved so that there will be confidence for the future.

He warned that, in the future, there might be no one to volunteer for drafting a new charter, if the charter drafters are not properly treated.

Asked whether the announcement of the standpoints on the draft by both the Democrat and Pheu Thai parties amounts to leading opinion which may influence the way people vote in the referendum, the prime minister suggested the media to ask from the public whether they felt they had been insulted by the politicians.

Asked what the new charter will look like if the draft fails the referendum, the prime minister said he might put together all the good points of all previous charter as the basis for the new charter.