Prime Minister invites opposition to probe alleged corruption in government spending


BANGKOK, 18 August 2012  – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has denied an Opposition claim that there was government corruption in regard to budget spending. 

The prime minister gave the assurance that the government was willing to allow the opposition to conduct an inspection in any suspicious project. If evidence is uncovered, the Prime Minister asked the opposition to share it with the government, so that it can undertake its own investigation.

The prime minister also said she welcomed the opposition’s move to dig for corruption, and that the government was ready to clarify all matters. She strongly denied an allegation that the government had taken a sum of money from the budget allotted to each project being implemented.

As for the alleged involvement of politicians in forest encroachment in Phuket province, Ms. Yingluck said that she had not yet received the list of the suspected politicians. The paper is being prepared by the Office of Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC).

The Prime Minister reiterated that the government is working to raise awareness against corruption in order to win confidence and recognition from foreign investors and governments.