Poll: people think traffic jams the most obvious effect of current protest


BANGKOK, 30 November 2013 The Suan Dusit Poll, after having surveyed 1,240 people in Bangkok and its vicinity on their views about the effects of the current political rallies, found that the effect most cited by respondents was traffic congestion. 

According to the survey results released on Friday, having to suspend work was the second most-cited effect of the rallies. Three other frequently-cited effects include emotional disturbance, having to exercise caution in making expressions in public, and being unable to contact or receive service from state agencies.

Asked about what they thought was the best concrete solution for the situation, most suggested joint discussions to seek a solution. Other frequently-cited solutions include using a mediator, having the government cease activities about various draft bills, having the prime minister come out to make more thorough clarifications about the government’s administration of the country, and having the press take part in helping seek the solution.

Asked about which sector they thought would be the best mediator for the Thai political situation, respondents cited the civic sector as the first choice. Other choices include politicians, the military, judges, lawyers, courts of law, the press and the academic circle.