Police impersonators rob unsuspecting Aussie


At 3 am on the 29th of November 45 year old Mr. Oliver Perry from Australia filed a report at the Dong Tan Police station as he had been robbed by two Thai men.

He explained that he was driving back to his hotel and had just passed the Rombhodi market Jomtien when two Thai men on a motorbike waved for him to stop.

The men were wearing white shirts with black jackets, similar to the uniform of plain clothes policeman.

Mr Perry pulled over and one of the men removed the keys from his ignition, they then asked to search his bag and then suddenly jumped back on their motorbike and sped off into the night leaving Perry in his car with no keys.

After the incident, he called his Thai girlfriend who came to help him file the report.

Perry stated that his bag contained a Canon digital camera, a mobile phone, an Acer laptop, a document bag and 8,000 baht in cash.

The police made a sweep of the area however the two Thai men were nowhere to be seen and the police surmise that the men were not officers but rather professional thieves who would dress and act as police in order to commit their crimes.