PM Prayut confirms no lifting of ban on political activities


Bangkok, 12 September 2018 – The Prime Minister has confirmed that the ban on political activities won’t be lifted just yet, in order to prevent probable disorder in the country.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha said on Tuesday that the government is planning a special training program for provincial government officials and members of the public 90 days prior to the general election, in order to boost public awareness and clarify the government’s emphasis on the principle of good governance as well as other related policies.

Gen. Prayut insisted that the planned training is not intended to help the government enjoy any political gain but to help ensure only quality politicians are elected to serve the people.

Concerning the lifting of the political activity ban, the PM said that he remains concerned about possible turmoil if all activities are allowed to resume while asking all parties concerned to help prevent further conflict in order for the general poll to take place as planned.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Council of State, Mr. Dissathat Hotarakit, said that measures to control the use of social media in election campaigns, which have been adapted from those enforced in other countries, are being reviewed.

However, Mr. Meechai Ruchuphan, Chair of the Constitution Drafting Commission, said today that he disagreed with the drafting of a provision to control the use of social media in election campaigning in the draft national cybersecurity law because such a plan is only intended for enforcement during the election.