PM orders full preparation for storm Gaemi


BANGKOK, Oct 7 – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra ordered the disaster prevention and mitigation department and 40 potentially at-risk provinces to be fully prepared for the storm Gaemi.

Natural tourist attractions, industrial factories, educational institutions, hospitals, prisons, and airports were directed to intensify measures in handling emergency situations.

Thai government spokesperson Sansanee Nakpong said the prime minister has closely followed up the storm situation from relevant agencies. Response measures have been put in place for at-risk provinces and a plan formulated in case the storm changes direction.

Meanwhile, Chartchai Promlert, the director-general of the disaster prevention and mitigation department said the department is on its highest alert in response to Gaemi being downgraded to a depression and moving past Thailand.

Pumps and water pumping trucks were dispatched to residential, business and industrial areas. The department will apply active approaches, joining hands with all sectors. Emergency teams and temporary shelters are standing by.

Public Health Minister Witthaya Buranasiri instructed officials at hospitals in flood-prone areas to reinforce flood prevention measures and other related plans in order to provide normal medical services around the clock for affected residents.

The minister also urged health workers to prepare backup communication systems in case telephone systems went out of order.

The Emergency Medical Institute of Thailand was also ordered to keep a close watch on the situations and to provide medical assistance around the clock to affected people in case of an emergency.