PM: Govt doing its best to resolve Southern unrest


BANGKOK, 10 May 2012  – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has reiterated that the government is putting its full effort into the restoration of peace in the three southern border provinces. 

Upon welcoming a group of youths from the southern provinces at the Government House this morning, the PM said that everyone, regardless of their hometown, is a Thai citizen. Thus, all must learn to love each other and live together in harmony. The PM also termed this visit to the capital of the southern adolescents as their chance to experience the way of life in Bangkok.

On behalf of the entire Thai population, Ms. Yingluck expressed her full support for the people of the violence-stricken South to pull through the local unrest. Additionally, she urged the locals to report any problems to the government directly in order to receive its full assistance.

Meanwhile, the network of women in the deep South has admitted their lack of confidence in the PM’s experience in resolving the situation in the South. Members of the network who were in the visitors’ group said however, they now realized the Prime Minister’s determination and will support her in the effort to bring peace back to the southern border provinces.

In response, the PM stressed that the government will work to find the best solution to this problem, while saying that all relevant agencies have been instructed to integrate their plans and efforts for a more efficient outcome.