PM accuses “dogs” of inciting unrest in the country


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and his cabinet ministers delivered a status report to the nation on Thursday, outlining the government’s achievements and performances over the past two years.


In his report to the people, the prime minister cited an old saying that a dog won’t bite if you walk behind a “phuyai”, saying there are, today, dogs that keep harassing “phuyai of our country” despite the fact that they have been working tirelessly for the good of the country.

For the country to move forward, to prosper and to be in peace, he said everyone in the country must abide by the law, be responsible, not cause conflicts and not violate human rights.

“If there is just one house, we do not have to do much and there is no need to have so many rules. But since there are many houses, rules are needed, there are laws and a constitution. But everyone must participate in expressing views without engaging in a conflict or protesting,” said the prime minister.

The country needs changes and he said that for an old car to run fast like a sports car, it needs to have its engine replaced or altered.  Everyone, he said, is like a bolt and nut of an engine to drive the country “so they should make themselves useful.”

He urged the media to be neutral, to have ethics and to report straightforwardly without bias.

The prime minister said his government had already fulfilled 37 achievements with the rest of the work to be incorporated in the reform plan, plus strategic and development plans.  But whether they will be implemented or not depends on the new government, he said, adding he merely wants the country to prosper and its people to live in happiness.