Phuket takes traditional approach to Ghost Festival


PHUKET – Phuket province is celebrating its unique take on the Chinese Ghost Festival by holding Por Tor activities.

Deputy Phuket Governor, Sanit Sriwihok and Phuket City Mayor, Somjai Suwansupapana have led locals of the province in praising Por Tor Kong, a deity revered by residents of Phuket with Chinese heritage.

The festivities in front of Muang Phuket’s Fresh Market 1 attracted large crowds and received support from private agencies. The festival is an expression of honor to ancestors and is observed during the seventh month of the Chinese calendar, during the period more widely known as the Ghost Festival. Locals in the area have been putting out offerings of Chinese sweets, fruits, Chinese liquor and traditional Phuket desserts.

Mayor Somjai said that in addition to honoring ancestors, Phuket’s interpretation of the festival also preserves its local traditions and supports cultural tourism. She stated that by combining cultural tourism with Phuket’s natural attractions, the province can maintain its status as a world class travel destination.