Phi Ta Khon ghosts featured in Venice Carnival


VENICE – Phi Ta Khon ghosts from Loei Province have been featured for the first time at Venice Carnival 2016 in Italy.

Performers wearing Phi Ta Khon ghosts outfits were present in front of Doge’s Palace, capturing the attention of the local media and tourists who took the opportunity to take selfies with the exotic phantoms. Venice Carnival 2016 was held between 28th January and 9th February.

The Venice Carnival is one of the most internationally known and one of the oldest festivals of Italy. The display of Phi Ta Khon is a collaborative effort of various bodies, including the cultural association of Venice, Thai people living in Italy, the Royal Thai Consulate of Venice and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The Phi Ta Khon ghost festival is the best known event of Dan Sai District in Loei Province. The carnival normally takes place between March and July. The year’s event is scheduled for 6th to 8th July.