Phang Nga holds tsunami evacuation drill


PHANG NGA – Phang Nga Province has held the rehearsal for emergency situations, an activity that will enhance disaster management efficiency.

Phang Nag Province’s Vice Governor Sakol Chantarak, along with related agencies, has held the disaster prevention and mitigation workshop in the province at Police Boat 813 Memorial, Phang Nga, with rehearsals on public evacuation in case a repeat of the tsunami incident occurs.

The rehearsal begun with a mock detection of a 9.2 magnitude earthquake offshore to the north of Sumatra Island, 444 kilometres away from the shores of Takua Pa District, Phang Nga Province.

The rehearsal focused on executing the Incident Command System (ICS), enforcing related agencies to engage in disaster management with maximum efficiently to protect lives, properties, and the environment through cooperation.

The training activity also covered other disasters and incidents such as road accidents and building collapse.