Pediatrician recommends ways to prevent games addiction in children


BANGKOK, 28 June 2014 – A pediatrician from Prince of Songkla University has suggested parents supervise their children in regard to online mobile games, as recent reports show that when children use their parents’ mobile to play games, some will also buy items offered in the game without their parents awareness or consent. 

Since smart phones are now a part of most people’s lives, it is impossible to keep children from using them, and in any case smart phone technology can benefit the young in age appropriate usage.

A doctor suggests parents monitor children’s mobile usage saying that kids less than 2 years old should not be allowed to play with mobile phones at all since they still lack understanding of interpersonal relationships and their language progress will be impeded, while children aged over 2 years may gradually learn to use or play with a mobile phone or enjoy children’s television, but not for more than two hours a day.

Meanwhile, parents should filter games or media that children watch, avoiding violence and adult material, and keep an eye on the kids so as to explain to them what is right.