Pattaya celebrates ‘Wan Lai’ Songkran Water Festival today, all day!


Pattaya’s traditional Songkran Festival known as ‘Wan Lai’ or the ‘Day that Flows’ falls on April 19 every year. Today tens of thousands of people are expected to take part in the fun-filled festivities, which will ‘overflow’ into the streets, sois and practically every nook and cranny of our fair city.

Beach Road is closed from morning until late tonight as people sing and dance to the sounds of live bands and shows along the thoroughfare. Traffic congestion around the city is an inevitable part of celebration.

Yesterday ‘Wan Lai’ was celebrated in Naklua where people of all nationalities flocked to the Larn Pho area to join in the fun of throwing water at each other.

Traditionally the Thai way is to gently sprinkle water on each other and exchanging wishes of good luck and happiness in the New Year. But it seems that the tradition has taken on a nasty turn where people practically attack each other with buckets of water and sometimes things can get out of hand.

Enjoy yourselves today, but please keep within the boundaries of good manners and decency. Follow the guidelines set by the law as to what is permissible and what ‘not to do’.

For those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, ‘Drink moderately’ and ‘Don’t Drive Drunk’.

Have a wet and safe ‘Wan Lai’ Day!

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Songkran ‘Wan Lai’ In Naklua April 18