Ordourless, seedless durians developed in Uttaradit


UTTARADIT, May 22—- Thailand’s northern province of Uttaradit on Tuesday introduced two new varieties of non-smelling durians, which is bringing a boom to the province.

Uttaradit Governor Yothin Samutkhiri said that the new durian varieties, the odourless, seedless ‘Longlaplae’ and ‘Linlaplae’ fruits, were developed in the province which boasts largest durian orchard in northern Thailand with 27,000 rai (over 10,600 acres) of land.

The specially-bred durians weigh about one kilogramme each, with perfectly formed fruits.

Announcing the Laplae district durian fair beginning May 31 through June 3, Mr Yothin said the season of the two new varieties will begin in June. The province expects to produce about 20,000 tonnes this year and to generate farmers income of at least Bt900 million.

Apart from fresh durian, the processed product made from the spiky fruit, such as durian chips, preserved durian paste and durian spicy salad or somtam, together with varied local dishes, will be available at the upcoming fair, the governor said.

Originally, the spiky Asian fruit called durian was widely known for its penetrating and pungent odour, offensive to many who have not an acquired taste for it.