NRC member not in favor of digging of water wells to combat drought


BANGKOK, 29 June 2015 (NNT) – Pramote Maiklad, one of the National Reform Council members, has said he is not in favor of digging artesian wells to mitigate the water situation, as the nature of the problem is a shortage of water and not drought.

Speaking in his capacity as the chairman of the NRC subcommittee on the reform of natural resources and environment, Mr. Pramote told that media that he personally disagreed with solving the problem by digging artesian wells, because the water shortage was due to the low amount of rainfall at the beginning of the rainy season. He expected the situation to resolve soon as the rainy season progressed. In the meantime, he suggested that decision makers should be aware of the situation of irregular rainfall. He also expressed the belief that farmers were knowledgeable and well-acquainted with this phenomenon.

According to Mr. Pramote, there have been irregular rainfall in the past and the problem was dealt with through the creation of understanding among the public and by managing water resources well. He also urged for clear strategies to address the water problem by relevant agencies.