NRC chairman determines to resolve conflicts in country


BANGKOK, Oct 22 — Thienchay Kiranandana, chairman-elect of the National Reform Council (NRC), said the main goals of the body were to resolve conflicts in the nation and draft a new constitution.

The major tasks would be achieved on schedule despite obstacles including political factors, he said.

For national reform, Mr Thienchay said there might be more than 10 committees to plan reform in different areas.

Outside people can join the panels and they may include applicants who were not selected to the NRC and experts in various fields.

That was to improve the efficiency of the reform and the NRC would also listen to opinions of people throughout the country, Mr Thienchay said.

Today the NRC whip committee discussed the selection of the 20 national reform councillors who would join the constitution-drafting committee, Mr Thienchay added.

Asked if the chairmanship of the NRC had been reserved for him long before, Mr Thienchay said national reform councilor Chai Chidchob had just approached him yesterday before his nomination.

He also said that he was ready to declare his assets to the public.