Northeast to experience cold weather next week


The Northeast will first experience cold weather next week followed by the North, the central and eastern regions with temperature expected to dip 3-5 degree Celsius, according to the Meteorological Department.

Northeast to experience cold weather next week

However, the lower Northeast, lower central region and the eastern region will have rains this weekend, thanks to the depression in the lower part of the South China Sea.

Strong high pressure from China is spreading southward and is forecast to cover the upper part of Thailand and this will result in thunder storm and strong winds on November 7-9 after which the weather will turn cold, first in the Northeast.

Meanwhile in the South, northeastern monsoon which is covering the southern region and the Gulf will become stronger, resulting in more rains and heavy rains in some parts of the region.

The sea in the Gulf is choppy with waves as high as 2-3 metres, said the Weatherman as its recommended fishermen to refrain from going out to fish in the high sea and people living on coastal beaches to take precaution against surging waves.