New strategies for Malaria set


Bangkok – The National Malaria Eradication Administration Commission has established new strategies to prevent the spread of Malaria and approved a budget of 2.3 billion baht as World Health Organization (WHO) funding assistance for the Kingdom is set to conclude this year. 

Deputy Prime Minister Adm Narong Pitpattanasai disclosed the conclusions of a recent meeting of the commission, letting on that the 2.3 billion baht budget will be dispersed over a 5 year period. The new budget is to take the place of 211 million baht provided by the WHO each year to Thailand for combating Malaria. The funds will no longer be provided after this year as the nation’s revenue status has been upgraded.

The commission’s new strategy against Malaria will focus on stopping its spread as the disease is relatively under control in the Kingdom. The body has targeted complete eradication of the illness within the next 10 years. It has also tasked the National Science and Technology Development Agency and the National Research Council of Thailand to work on a cure for the ailment.

On the emerging Zika virus, the Department of Disease Control has assured that it is monitoring the situation and will be able to control its spread. It has asked Thai citizens not to travel to countries with known Zika epidemics and for authorities to stringently screen arrivals to the Kingdom.