New minimum wages for skilled labor to take effect Aug 10


BANGKOK – New wages for skilled labor in twenty professions in five industries will be enforced this August 10th, according to the Labor Ministry.


M.L. Puntrik Smiti, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, said the new wage system will allow skilled workers to earn the money they deserve whereas the employers will be able to recruit workers whose skills and abilities are up to the standard set by the ministry itself.
The five industries that will see a minimum wage hike are electrical and electronics, auto-parts, automotive, jewelry, and logistics. The new wages will range between 410-550 baht per day, effective this upcoming Wednesday, August 10th.

The permanent secretary said the ministry had already announced new minimum wages in a total of 35 professions. And up until now, more than 70,000 workers have passed occupational skills standards assessment.

He said the ministry was also looking into the possibility of regulating minimum wages in eleven more industries such as furniture and plastic manufacturing, in order to motivate the workers to improve themselves.


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